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Boob Raider


The Lara Croft Nude Cheat was a playground and message board phenomenon back in 97.

I was at a school where these codes on handwritten pieces of paper would trade hands... ‘Sidestep Left, then Right, then Left, then hold WALK and step Forward, then step Backwards. Next, turn Lara around three times” ...No 3g no 4g, no mobile phones for most. Friends would have to wait 24 hours to hear if it had worked.

It’s been news to me now in 2015 that a real code never existed. I thought I’d successfully used a code, though the truth is a horny dream, and the reality a repressed memory.

Once you had managed to pull off the complex controller moves, to what you thought was THE cheat code. Your actual reward was to watch Lara violently explode with flying limbs and screams. It’s now I remember returning to school delivering a ‘dead arm’ to Demolition Man Sam, for what was known as a fake cheat called ‘Exploding Lara’.

The myth of an in-game Naked Lara Croft Code has lived on with every Tomb Raider instalment since.

I wonder if the Butler is still locked in the freezer?

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Butterfly Clutch Back

Design based on late 90s Bootleg Pin, Origin Unknown